20 Key Takeaways from BTC2023: A Summary of the Event

Farewell to the captivating scenery of Miami beaches. BTC2023 comes to a close, the parties quiet down, but Bitcoin continues its journey forward.

BTC2023, the largest Bitcoin conference, brought together passionate Bitcoin enthusiasts and industry experts in Miami. Participants from diverse sectors and backgrounds came together to immerse themselves in the event, sharing their unique experiences and reflections. From thought-provoking discussions to profound insights, they expressed their aspirations and unwavering belief in the future of Bitcoin. Join us as we delve into the voices of these 20 attendees, reliving the captivating moments and unraveling the profound significance of BTC2023.

Adam Litte: My biggest impression about BTC2023 is just how much I am learning. This is inspring.

Adam Litte is an independent artist and an influencer on Instagram.

Blockchain Boy | cryptoknightpod Co-Founder :The conference, while smaller this year (to be expected during a bear market), was full of opportunities, both for learning and business. The speakers and attendees alike had a lot to share and it was well worth my time to attend. I encourage anyone building in web3 to participate in events like these to expand their understanding of the space, network with likeminded individuals, and connect with colleagues in the space.

Blockchain Boy is a self made entrepreneur, he is the Co-Founder of cryptonightpod.

Brain Butler | Upper Hand Art: I love Bitcoin 2023, I love being a Bitcoiner, and this is a place your are surrounded by Bitcoiners. You feel home.

Brian Butler is a prolific artist and the creative forcebehind Upper Hand Art.

Brandon Kokoski | DioneProtocol VP : Keep your eyes peeled for a great partnership announcement this week.The future is bright, and together, we’re leading the charge. 

Brandon Kokoski is VP and COO in Dione Protocol, he has been in the DeFi space for over 2 years as a competent investor and project advisor.

CryptosRus : Bitcoin 2023 was a great conference.  I met a lot of great people and made meaningful connections. The speakers at the event were outstanding. The conference was organized a lot better also this year vs the previous year, ticket lines and entrance placement are much better.  

CryptosRUs is an influencer focused on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain development.

Do What You Love Artist : I feel amazing and I particpate in every year, its great to see my friends as well as see new companies growing and building soemthing together using Blockchain.

Do What You Love Artist is a multidisciplinary full time visual artist.

Esad Yusuf Atik | OrdinalSafe CEO: Bitcoin 2023 was great. We had the opportunity to meet builders and investors from Bitcoin and Ordinals. It’s a really beautiful atmosphere here, lots people from around the world.

This was our first Bitcoin conference. We’ll come again next year for sure.

Esad Yusuf Atik is the Co-Founder and CEO of OrdinalSafe.

Fiona | Foresight News Overseas Partner : I am thrilled to see the diversity, artsy and passion of BTC2023, the role of connecting Eastern and Western has become not just a goal but a mission for FN. We are ONE in this community.

Fiona is the overseas partner in Foresight News. Foresight News is the largest multilingual Web3 media platform in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Gamma.io: The Miami conference showcased that Bitcoin is both vibrant and fun again; the momentum around ordinals has put new life into Bitcoin, and we’re proud to be a part of that movement at Gamma.

Gamma is a Bitcoin NFT marketplace and creator launchpad.

George Bodine: This is my second year here as an artist, I came because I believe that this is a peaceful revlolution, It is a chance for the rest of the world to become free and independent. And people are here now are survivors.

George Bodine is a Professional artist, he is known for Figure, interior, still life painting.

Ken Liao | Xverse CEO: We are seeing a lot more builder activity and interest this year. We are especially excited for all the developments in the Ordinals space. The increase in network activity and fees due to Ordinals is generating a lot of discussions which is good for the future of Bitcoin.

Ken Liao is the Founder and CEO in Xverse.

MEAR ONE: As a graffiti artist, I found this community is the most inspiring group of humans. I enjoy being a Bitcoiner not only becasue its a culture but also we are deleveoping a new one that’s better.

Mear one is a street artist and graffiti writer.

Nick Spanos: Quality because bitcoin not rallying, but people that do things are here.

Nick Spanos is one of the earliest adopters of bitcoin and blockchain.He founded the Bitcoin Center NYC and serves as CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp.

niftynei: Bitcoin Miami was a great snapshot of how new protocol developments are reinvigorating the bitcoin developer scene. The addition of the new Nostr and Ordinals communities are a fun new set of talent and enthusiasm that are building on bitcoin. As the founder of a protocol dev:school, Im really excited about all the new devs coming into (or back to) the bitcoin ecosystem. It was great to see so many new and brilliant projects in miami! Core bitcoin developments are really exciting too, in particular the Liana wallet from Wizardsardines is a really exciting development of a miniscript enabled wallet; the launch of Fuji money on Liquid is a really exciting development in DEX development with UTXOs; the Ark protocol by Burak is a great example of how bitcoin protocol dev is still coming up with new stuff.

Lisa Neigut, aka niftynei, is anexpert in Bitcoin and Lightning, contributing to the development of Core Lightning at Blockstream and leading bitcoin protocol classes at Base58.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: I am an ardent defender and lifelong defender of civil liberties and Bitcoin is both an exercise and a guarantee of those freedoms.

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. is an American environmental lawyer, member of the Kennedy family. He Made Campaign Debut At Bitcoin 2023.

SeedSigner: I think for the most part that I have interacted with are the people who are in for the long haul. And those are my kind of people.

Due to the market conditions, I do feel like there were a lot less vendors, especially exchanges/platforms.  I also noticed the number of people roaming around was way less than the previous year.  I do think the conference is still worth going to and will be planning on attending next year.

SeedSigner is a bitcoin signing device.

Sora Ventures: I’m beyond impressed to see the amount of people who showed up at this conference this week given the bear market we’re in today. You can really feel the passion and excitement of the people show up at the conference. Most importantly, people actually shows up to panels and listen to speakers sharing their thoughts on bitcoin. It is why bitcoin remains to be the most important asset and leading indicator in our industry.

Sora Ventures is an Asia-based investment firm focused on blockchain technology and digital currencies.

Stella | Foresight Ventures VP : Foresight Ventures will continue to pay attention on the innovation in BTC network. 

Stella is the VP in Foresight Ventures.Foresight Ventures is dedicated to backing the disruptive innovation of blockchain for the next few decades.

The Block:Bitcoin 2023 was a great conference this year, a little smaller and more nimble, but the best quality all around. It was a great chance to meet new organizations and start the building of new, and hopefully long lasting partnerships.

The Block is a blockchain media company.

Vert TV:My impression is that the interest in web3 and bitcoin is still strong and there is a clear need for decentralization. The convention has been a great gathering bringing together some of the most innovative companies and smartest minds in the industry. I was pleased with the turn out and impressed by the wide range of usages for bitcoin and web3.

Vert TV is a social television studio producing short-form scripted and unscripted shows for the platforms Gen Z and Millennials love most.