A love story in the crypto world,that worth 127 BTC

The 7th day of the 7th lunar month is celebrated as the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day. In observance of this festival, some enthusiasts took a break from monitoring the market to spend time with loved ones. BTC’s price hovered around 26k, dipping to a low of 25,300 US dollars at one point.

From BTC’s daily trend, it has seen two months of volatility, taking it back to its price point in June. The frequent rises and drops have been a roller-coaster for investors, making it challenging to discern any consistent market patterns.

BTC daily trend

After BTC fell to the historical low of $15,476 in the latest cycle in November 2022, it can be regarded as continuing to rise. Although the rising process is not rising steadily, it is like a roller coaster, with dives and soars from time to time.

Contract players are naturally liquidated and liquidated. During this period, I don’t know how many contract masters have been abused. It is only after a sharp drop or skyrocket.

Spot swing players are either buying at the high point of the stage or selling at the low point of the stage. Between gains and losses, the more tossing, the fewer positions; fixed bet players can only wait for the time to suffer, again and again.

BTC fell to $15,476 in late 2011

There is no market in the market. Taking advantage of the topic of Qixi Festival, I saw a few romantic love stories in the currency circle, which was really emotional and moving. Of course, this is also the news from the roadside agency, so I have the right to be gossip.

I saw the story of Shenyu and his wife on Director Annie’s Twitter. They met in the Bitcoin QQ group, and they got together because of BTC.

On the wedding day, Shenyu transferred 25 BTC to his wife’s BTC wallet address starting with “1LoveYouU”, and since then love and faith have come together.

I curiously searched for the BTC wallet starting with “1LoveYouU”, and I am really envious. There are currently 127 BTC in the wallet, which is more than 3.3 million US dollars at the current price, and is also a 20 million rich man.

I am so envious that love and wealth are gathered in this wallet.

The wallet starting with “1LoveYouU” holds 127 BTC

Searching the historical records of the wallet, I received three transactions of 25 BTC in September 2013. At that time, the price of BTC was only about 130 US dollars, and the total value was more than 9,700 US dollars.

Afterwards, on May 8, 2014, another 2 pens of 25 BTC were transferred, and the declaration of love was also noted “Hold your hand and grow old together, Shenyu to Dongdong”.

In 2014, the price of BTC was $430, and 25 BTC was almost $21,500.

From 2013 to now, it has been held for 10 years, and its value has risen from 31,500 US dollars to more than 3.3 million now, which has increased by 106 times.

This wallet only receives and has no other transactions. Even if the price of BTC rose to a historical high price of 69k, it was not sold. Not only did it hold wealth, but it also guarded love. It can be regarded as a fairy couple in the encryption circle.

“1LoveYouU” wallet only receives no other transactions

Yesterday’s Valentine’s Day, wechat red envelopes can be sent to 1314, which is also a declaration of love, but most people can’t afford to send red envelopes worth 25 BTC.

Shenyu and his wife originated from the encrypted world, connected together through the blockchain, and kept their love and wealth, which is enviable.

There are also many players who paid attention to the encryption market in the early days, and there are also many people who hold BTC. Only a small number of people can hold it until now. They are either consumed in the toss, or the contract is reset to zero, or sold out.

Not easy for BTC holders

The market has no rules, the chances of life cannot be predicted, and there are no signs of outlets and opportunities, and no one can know in advance.

Just like now, standing at the fork in the web3 road, standing in the downturn bear market, standing in the various fuds and disallowances of the blockchain, it is difficult for those who persist, but who can guess the future in 2033 after 10 years Well, the most important thing is the present moment.

All the choices and behaviors we make today determine our future, so what are you going to do today?



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