Animoca Brands Co-Founder Yat Siu: 2023 To Witness Great Progress In The Combination Of Web3 Gaming And Education

Foresight News reported on the spot, in the theme of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Metaverse: NFT, GameFi and Infrastructure” at the main venue of the “2023 Hong Kong Web3 Festival”, Yat Siu, co-founder and executive director of Animoca Brands, said in his keynote speech that in Web3 value and network effects can be distributed among different participants. DeFi can be regarded as a banking system in the Web3 world, providing financial value to the metaverse world. They have invested in more than 400 projects. The reason why they mainly focus on games is that games are not only entertainment, but also a connection to the cultural world. The entire industry is larger than the film and music industries combined, and the participation is stronger. Free-to-play games play a key role in a global virtual goods market worth around $50 billion in 2019, a figure that has ballooned to over $100 billion by 2022. In addition, they are also investing in Web3 education, and it is expected that the combination of education and games will make great progress in 2030.

“Web3 Festival” is a Web3 event brand jointly launched by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and HashKey Group, and hosted by W3ME. This year’s “Web3 Festival” will last from April 12 to April 15, and will focus on the core issues of various Web3 sectors such as regulatory policies, Web3 infrastructure, and Metaverse.