Aptos Co-Founder And CTO: Plan To Support Multiple Sharding Solutions

Foresight News reported on the spot that in the theme of “Web3 Infrastructure” at the main venue of the “2023 Hong Kong Web3 Festival”, Aptos co-founder and chief technology officer Avery Ching stated that in the future, Aptos is planned to support multiple sharding solutions, and a 1.4 upgrade is scheduled during April to May 2023. Some upcoming upgrades will cover blockchain logic, Move, and smart contract frameworks, including APS 10 & 11, lower transaction fees, Quorum Store, developer tools, and Sharding development. There are already more than 100 projects in Aptos Ecosystem, over 200 projects under construction, and 500+ developers.

“Web3 Festival” is a Web3 event brand jointly launched by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and HashKey Group, and hosted by W3ME. This year’s “Web3 Festival” will last from April 12 to April 15, and will focus on the core issues of various Web3 sectors such as regulatory policies, Web3 infrastructure, and Metaverse.