Arbitrum Futures To Be Listed On Bitget, ARBK Holders Exceeded 30K

According to the latest data from Arbiscan and Dune, the total number of on-chain holders of BitKeep’s Arbitrum Futures token (ARBK) has exceeded 34K, ever since the airdrop five days ago. ARBK ranks among the Top 5 on “Arbitrum New Users Preference Ranking” with its over 48K transfers. Interactions between new user wallet addresses and token contract addresses continue to grow. It is reported that ARBK will be listed on Bitget exchange on March 8th, where users may deposit it. Spot trading will also be available in the near future.

ARBK is an official token exchange voucher for Arbitrum launched by BitKeep wallet.
Users holding ARBK and finishing relevant tasks will be eligible for prospective Arbitrum official token exchange in the future.