Bitget Wallet Launches Base Ecosystem Event

Bitget Wallet has initiated a two-week interaction event with the Base Mainnet to support the development of the Base ecosystem, guiding users in interacting with the Base Mainnet and discovering opportunities along the way. The event, which has a total prize pool of $10,000, is set to run from September 26th to October 10th. During the event period, users can participate in various tasks using their Bitget Wallet mobile app and earn rewards by interacting with the Base Mainnet, such as holding assets, performing swaps, interacting with DApps, and more.

Additionally, Bitget Wallet has also collaborated with T2T2, a SocialFi project on the Base Mainnet, to launch a special joint airdrop event. Users who download and log in to the T2T2 app using their Bitget Wallet are eligible to mint an initial Key NFT for free and share 500,000 T-Points airdrops.

As previously reported, Bitget Wallet has integrated with the Base Mainnet, offering support for token asset management, transfers, NFT displays, Swap trading, candlestick charts, and DApp interactions.