Bitget Wallet Now Supports the ZetaChain mainnet, Distributing $600,000 Worth of $ZETA to Users

Bitget Wallet has integrated with the ZetaChain mainnet, allowing users to add and switch to the mainnet on their wallet. Asset management, exploration, and interaction with DApps on the ZetaChain ecosystem are all supported. Bitget Wallet had previously collaborated with ZetaChain to organize the Task2Get ZetaChain tesnet interaction event. In total, 350,000 $ZETA worth around $600,000 were distributed to over 7,000 event participants, with the highest individual reward earned by users reaching 100 $ZETA. On average, event participants received 47 $ZETA.

Task2Get is Bitget Wallet’s Web3 incentivized exploration platform within Bitget Wallet’s Earning Center, offering users the chance to earn rewards for completing various on-chain interaction tasks. Bitget Wallet will be launching the ZetaChain mainnet interaction event, with a 350,000 $ZETA prize pool up for grabs. Additionally, users who have earned exclusive Bitget Wallet NFTs from participating in previous Task2Get events will be eligible to earn bonus points in this upcoming Task2Get activity.