Bitget Wallet Upgrades DeFi Portfolio Features, Adding Support for the Blast Protocol

Bitget Wallet (formerly BitKeep Wallet) has further upgraded its DeFi portfolio features by adding support for the Blast protocol, bringing the total number of supported DeFi protocols up to six: Uniswap V2, Aave, Maker, Lido, Pendle, and now, Blast. Users can directly manage their staked assets on these protocols from the convenience of the DeFi tab on the Bitget Wallet homepage, allowing them to view balances, value, and other earning records.

This upgrade primarily enhances the wallet users’ ability to visually manage their assets in a convenient manner. This feature will offer users the ability to effectively track their stakings, while also serving as a reminder of the various protocols they have participated in, streamlining the overall efficiency of their on-chain asset investment portfolio. Moving forward, Bitget Wallet plans to gradually expand this support to even more DeFi protocols.