BitKeep Airdropped ARBK To 100K+ Active Users On Arbitrum, Capped At 50 Tokens Per Person

On March 16, BitKeep wallet airdropped up to 50 ARBK tokens each to 108K active users on Arbitrum. To be eligible for the airdrop, users need only to import their Arbitrum address into the BitKeep wallet and complete a Swap or NFT transaction to qualify themselves to exchange the ARBK for Arbitrum’s official token in the future. ARBK saw a peak growth of 120% today as at the time of writing.

As previously reported, ARBK is a futures token for Arbitrum introduced by BitKeep, which can be exchanged for official Arbitrum tokens in the future. In the past week, ARBK has steadily topped the list of hottest new user projects on Arbitrum, with over 150K on-chain holding addresses and 330K interactions.