BitKeep and Bitget Collaborate to Launch LayerZero Certificate Airdrop, Paving the Way for LayerZero Official Token Exchanges

In collaboration with Bitget, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, BitKeep, a Web3 multi-chain wallet, has announced the launch of the $LZBG (LayerZero Certificate Bitget) airdrop event. This month-long event provides users the opportunity to receive red packets in their BitKeep wallets, participate in trading reward campaigns, and take part in the $LZBG Carnival on Bitget. $LZBG functions as an exchange voucher for LayerZero’s official tokens, allowing users who receive the airdrops and complete specified tasks to become eligible for exchanging LayerZero’s official tokens in the future.

LayerZero is a protocol for interoperability across blockchain networks specifically designed for exchanging data between chains. Its design is innovative in the realm of cross-chain bridges. The protocol uses oracles and repeaters to transmit data, making it more portable and offering certain guarantees for security and performance. LayerZero has seen good adoption rates in the network, and its ecosystem has reached a certain level of development. In the future, it has the potential to become an underlying protocol that integrates cross-chain functions across various EVM-based blockchains.

BitKeep has established deep cooperation with multiple projects within the LayerZero ecosystem, and this event has also garnered substantial support from LayerZero communities and projects. BitKeep notes that as an innovative investment opportunity, this event is anticipated to attract increased investor attention and participation, breathe new life into the LayerZero ecosystem, and propel its dynamic growth.