BitKeep And Bitget To Jointly Launch And Airdrop The “KEY” NFT

BitKeep, a Web3 multi-chain wallet, announced its collaboration with Bitget, a cryptocurrency exchange, to launch the “Power of B, 2023 Annual Airdrop Plan” campaign. The campaign includes the “KEY” NFT airdrop, which serves as an admission ticket and necessary certificate for participating in the “Power of B” series of events. BitKeep wallet users who acquire the “KEY” NFT will have access to exclusive airdrops and other surprises in the future. According to the announcement, the “KEY” NFT will be distributed through airdrops, mission rewards, whitelists, and other methods.

Recently, BitKeep announced a comprehensive brand upgrade – a rebranding name change as Bitget Wallet. At the time of writing, the number of global users on BitKeep has surpassed 10 million, significantly expanding the user base. Not only that, BitKeep Swap has attracted over 1 million users, with the total transaction volume reaching US$8 billion.