BitKeep and Planet IX Unveil “PO100M” SBT, Celebrating First-Ever NFT with over 100 Million Transactions

On May 5th, BitKeep, a Web3 multi-chain wallet, and Planet IX, Polygon’s largest Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, launched the commemorative Soulbound Token (SBT) “PO100M” to celebrate the Planet IX NFT Collection for achieving 100 million transactions. Currently, Planet IX represents one-tenth of the total NFT transaction volume on the entire Polygon network, making it the first NFT collection to surpass 100 million transactions.

PO100M, which stands for Proof of the first 100 Million Blockchain Trading Interactions, is a limited edition SBT. The token will be available for free minting until May 18th, for a two-week period. According to official news from BitKeep, anyone who held or traded Planet IX NFT or IXT tokens before the snapshot on May 4th is eligible to mint the SBT on the BitKeep Wallet.

As a key partner of Planet IX, the BitKeep NFT Market provides a seamless and efficient NFT trading platform for all Planet IX players. Since their collaboration began in early 2021, Planet IX has become a standout project within the BitKeep NFT market. Over 85% of Planet IX NFT transactions have come from the BitKeep NFT Market. BitKeep has not only witnessed but also actively participated in Planet IX’s remarkable achievements, working together to create the commemorative SBT. PO100M holders will receive additional airdrops and can expect to unlock more benefits in the future.