BitKeep and XEN Crypto Forge Strategic Partnership and Introduce Million-GAS Subsidy Campaign

Web3 multi-chain wallet BitKeep and XEN Crypto have joined forces in a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing user experience, presenting a joint campaign featuring a one million GASU subsidy pool to drive both user participation and interaction.GASU is a subsidy token produced by BitKeep to allow users to easily offset their gas fees, streamlining their overall user experience and promising a seamless trading experience for everyone.
As part of this campaign, BitKeep has established a GASU fund to reward active XEN users. Several lucky users will also be selected via raffle to receive free GASU for the entire year.
Additionally, this collaboration will also see XEN Crypto supporting the BitKeep Chrome Extension on its website, granting users seamless access to various features on the platform. Through the BitKeep browser extension wallet, XEN Crypto users can now directly mint, stake, and trade their assets from the official website. Similarly, BitKeep users will also enjoy the ability to explore and utilize XEN Crypto’s decentralized applications within their integrated DApp browser.