BitKeep and Bitget is Launching a New Airdrop Activity for “KEY” NFTs Holders

Foresight News reports that according to official news, the “Power of B, 2023 Airdrop Plan” jointly launched by BitKeep & Bitget, launched a two-week “Trade to Win NFT Airdrop” activity . “KEY” NFT holders can participate in Swap trading, NFT trading, and futures trading to obtain three different NFTs and unlock more airdrop benefits in the future. In addition, Bitget also provided a cash prize pool of 50,000 USDT for all users to share.

Previously, BitKeep and Bitget launched the “Power of B, 2023 Annual Airdrop Plan” and the “KEY” NFT airdrop, which served as the admission voucher and necessary certificate for the activity and was released through targeted airdrops, task rewards, and whitelists to all users across the network.