BitKeep Emphasized Opportunities In Permissionless Blockchain Technology And Cooperation With Public Chain Ecosystems

At the “FORESIGHT 2023” annual summit jointly hosted by Foresight Ventures and Foresight News, the Web3 multi-chain wallet BitKeep moderated and participated in the panel discussion titled “Discovering the Next Frontier in Permissionless Blockchains”. During the panel discussion, guests from Hack VC, EOS Network Foundation, Beacon, Phaver, Shardeum, and Gitcoin DAO shared their views on the various opportunities available in permissionless blockchain technology ranging from GameFi exposure and development to building up good UX.

Darren Woo, Content Director of BitKeep, stated that BitKeep has a wide range of public chain ecosystem partners worldwide, including innovative, decentralized, and permissionless networks such as Aptos and Sui. BitKeep has been paying close attention to the numerous market opportunities and application methods derived from permissionless blockchain technology, keeping up with market dynamics and maintaining close collaboration with public chains and their ecosystems. Darren Woo also revealed that BitKeep recently achieved a significant milestone, with a global user base surpassing 10 million and BitKeep Swap accumulating over 1 million users with $ 8 billion in trading volume. In the past 30 days, BitKeep Swap also ranked first on DAppRadar by number of swap users.