BitKeep NFT Market Supports Optimism

Asia’s multi-chain wallet, BitKeep, announced that it has integrated Optimism into its NFT market, supporting NFT listings and trading. BitKeep stated that its NFT market has recently been very active on Layer 2 ecosystems, ranking among the top two NFT trading markets on Arbitrum. In the future, BitKeep will continue to nurture its Layer2 NFT ecosystem, striving to emerge as one of the largest NFT markets on Optimism, while also broadening its contributions to the Optimism ecosystem.

BitKeep NFT Marketplace supports 8 mainstream public chains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, etc., providing users with one-stop services such as NFT trading, batch listing, popular collections, data analysis, etc. New features are continuously being rolled out in accordance to market demands and user needs, including decentralized domain name trading, FreeMint, popular project initial minting, NFT avatars, etc., fostering a diverse and dynamic NFT trading scene. BitKeep NFT Marketplace has grown into the top NFT trading market on BNB Chain and Polygon and ranks second on Arbitrum in the number of total active wallets and trading volume.