BitKeep Officially Debuts Soulbound Token “BSTB”, Celebrating Platform Growth with Users

BitKeep, a leading Web3 multi-chain wallet, has officially issued its first-ever soulbound token, the ‘B’ Soulbound Token – Buddy (BSTB), on April 24th. As the initial stage in BitKeep’s series of soulbound tokens, BSTB was specifically designed to capture users’ involvement and contributions to the platform, aiming to become a symbol of user loyalty and engagement. By launching BSTB, BitKeep is celebrating the platform’s development successes with its users, allowing token holders to showcase their value in various BitKeep community events through BSTB.

Moving forward, BitKeep intends to reward BSTB holders with exclusive incentives based on their contributions. These rewards will encompass but are not limited to airdrops of platform tokens and premium assets and airdrop exchange credentials for trending projects.