BitKeep Supported Wallet Watch-Only Mode And Hardware Wallet Import

BitKeep, a Web3 multi-chain wallet, has recently launched version 7.3.1. The latest update includes a watch-only mode which allows users to track the balance and transactions of a specific address without importing private keys. This mode supports over 90 mainnets and perfectly complements BitKeep’s multi-chain interoperability ecosystem. In addition, BitKeep has collaborated with Keystone, a hardware wallet provider, to introduce the support for importing hardware wallets, providing a secure offline solution for managing wallet assets.

BitKeep v7.3.1 update offers access to the latest mainnets, such as Starknet. This version also reimplements the purchase of NFTs with any token, allowing users to use any token to purchase NFTs on the BitKeep NFT market, which currently supports 8 mainnets.