BitKeep Swap Integrates DEX Aggregator ParaSwap

Web3 multi-chain wallet BitKeep announced that DEX aggregation protocol ParaSwap has been integrated with the BitKeep Swap feature on its mobile and chrome extension. ParaSwap supports transactions on 7 major chains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum and Optimism. BitKeep Swap now has access to ParaSwap’s order splitting routes to source for trading routes with the lowest slippage to split and execute orders.

BitKeep Swap has integrated over 100 independent DEXs and aggregators to help users easily find the best prices from various trading markets all from the convenience of their BitKeep Wallet.

BitKeep Swap supports over 20 public chains and more than 250,000 tokens. It has opened cross-chain transactions between 17 public chains and allows users to complete cross-chain transactions without holding native Gas tokens through its “Instant Gas” service. In addition to swaps at market prices, BitKeep Swap also introduced limit order delegation this year to facilitate a more flexible on-chain trading experience.
The BitKeep Swap smart contract has been audited by SlowMist Security Team.