BitKeep Swap Integrates Flashbots To Prevent MEV Attacks

BitKeep Swap has integrated Flashbots to enhance the privacy and security of transactions and prevent malicious MEV attacks. Through this integration, BitKeep Swap will provide users with a safer on-chain trading experience. Additionally, using the Flashbots Bundle transaction packaging method optimizes transaction execution orders, improves transaction priority, and avoids MEV issues resulting from different transaction execution sequences.

Moreover, BitKeep Swap aggregates over 70 mainstream DEXs, allowing for efficient integration with on-chain data and single-chain/cross-chain asset transactions. Currently, BitKeep Swap supports over 20 public chains, with 16 chains supporting cross-chain interaction. Furthermore, BitKeep Swap’s “Instant Gas” service solves the problem of users not having native coins on the main chain to pay for transaction fees, fostering a seamless interaction experience. Currently, BitKeep Swap holds the highest number of active wallets on the Arbitrum chain.