BitKeep Swap Launches Limit Order Function, Supporting Multi-Chain Specified Price Transactions

Leading Web3 multi-chain wallet BitKeep unveils version V7.3.4, featuring the launch of its Swap limit order function. By integrating the 1inch limit order protocol, the function provides users with a more flexible on-chain trading experience, in addition to immediate execution of Swap transactions based on real-time market prices. Currently, BitKeep Swap’s limit order function supports multiple chains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum, and supports users to set different expiration dates, modify receiving addresses, and one-click and batch cancellation.

In addition, BitKeep stated that the Swap limit order function also supports users to place orders that are higher than their actual wallet assets. If the asset is insufficient when the price reaches the preset limit, the system will not execute the transaction. If the user’s assets meet the requirements of the order within the expiration time, the system will automatically complete the transaction.

Other updates included in this version update include: access to the Sui Network mainnet; the NFT market adds aggregation of OpenSea orders on four chains; and an upgraded wallet security and risk control system to provide more comprehensive and reliable security for user funds.