BitKeep Swap Tops DappRadar DeFi Apps With Over 4x Increase In Unique Active Wallets

According to DappRadar DeFi Apps, BitKeep Swap has secured the top spot with 330,540 unique active wallets (UAW) in the past 30 days, resulting in an impressive growth rate of 436%. This achievement is attributed to the growth of the user base on Arbitrum and Polygon. In the past 30 days, the number of BitKeep Swap users has risen by 5659.3% on Arbitrum and 47.23% on Polygon.

BitKeep has previously introduced the ARBK and SUIBG futures tokens as official token exchange certificates in March. Following the launch of the highly anticipated tokens, they quickly became the most popular projects among new DeFi users. As a result of the repeated new highs in the on-chain token holding wallets and transaction volume, BitKeep achieved tremendous overall growth in user volume and transaction volume in March. Two weeks after ARBK’s launch, the Arbitrum Foundation announced the airdrop of its mainnet token, ARB. At the time of writing, BitKeep has concluded the swapping of ARBK for ARB for all eligible users.