BitKeep To Airdrop ARBK To Active Users On Arbitrum With A Maximum Of 50 ARBK Per Person

Multi-chain wallet BitKeep announced that it will airdrop ARBK tokens to active users in the Arbitrum ecosystem within the past month, with an estimated coverage of 108,000 users and a maximum of 50 tokens per person. Users who meet the airdrop criteria can import their Arbitrum addresses on to the BitKeep wallet in advance to stay updated on the airdrop progress. As previously reported, ARBK (Arbitrum Futures Token) is a futures token for Arbitrum introduced by BitKeep, which can be exchanged for official Arbitrum tokens in the future. In the past week, ARBK has steadily topped the list of hottest new user projects on Arbitrum, with over 40,000 on-chain holding addresses and 200,000 interactions.

In addition to the ARBK futures token airdrop, BitKeep provides opportunities for Arbitrum users to capitalize on their assets and be rewarded for on-chain activities. This month, it launched the Arbitrum Argonaut Ecosystem Month, which offers free NFT trading fees for a limited time, together with providing additional order subsidies. BitKeep has also co-operated with top protocols such as GMX, Gains Network and Dopex, as well as integrated BitKeep DApp protocols, and supported single-chain and multi-chain token transactions. In addition, BitKeep plans to jointly launch assets with more project ecosystems in the future.