BitKeep To Authorize Arbitrum Futures(ARBK) Swap For ARB

BitKeep Wallet has announced that it will begin authorizing swaps of Arbitrum futures token (ARBK) for ARB, the native token of Arbitrum, after the latter has been listed on any leading exchange.

As previously reported, ARBK, the official Arbitrum token exchange voucher launched by BitKeep earlier this month, is airdropped to users who have participated in community programmes and completed various other assigned tasks during the campaign period. To date, BitKeep has issued ARBK airdrops to over 100,000 active users on the Arbitrum ecosystem. Users who have been airdropped ARBK may qualify themselves to swap ARBK for ARB by importing their Arbitrum address on to the BitKeep Wallet and completing a swap order or NFT transaction on BitKeep. Since its debut, ARBK has firmly held the top spot of projects that have been interacted with by new users on the Arbitrum chain. As at the time of writing, the number of addresses holding ARBK has exceeded 140,000, and the number of total interactions has increased to 600,000. The token price has also increased by 250% in the past week alone.

On March 16, barely half a month after BitKeep’s launch of ARBK, the Arbitrum Foundation announced the airdrop plan for ARB. The total supply of ARBK and ARB stands at 100 million and 10 million respectively. Users may convert their held ARBK to ARB in proportion to the total supply.