BitKeep to Lower Barriers for Mobile Users to Participate in Bitcoin Ecosystem by Supporting Ordinals Protocol and BRC20 Protocol

BitKeep, a Web3 multi-chain wallet founded in 2018, announced on Twitter this month that it will fully integrate the Bitcoin Web3 ecosystem. Its built-in NFT trading market will introduce a Bitcoin NFT section, supporting the display, minting, transfers, and trading of BTC NFTs based on the Ordinals protocol. The BitKeep wallet will also be compatible with the Taproot address format and will also support the BRC-20 protocol, providing asset display, transfers, and trading services for BRC-20 tokens.

Upon successful integration, BitKeep users will be able to conveniently use the BTC Taproot address format, BRC-20 tokens, and interact with BTC NFTs on both mobile and plugin platforms. Users will also be able to perform deposits and withdrawals, as well as transfer transactions, thus reducing the barriers for participating in the Bitcoin Web3 ecosystem. Furthermore, BitKeep stated that they will continue to monitor new protocols such as BRC-21, and provide more diverse support and services based on market trends and user demands.

BitKeep has always been committed to breaking down barriers between mainstream public chains, keeping up with industry ecosystem innovations, and leveraging its technological advantages to collaborate with industry partners in building an open and user-friendly Web3 ecosystem. Today, it serves as an important bridge connecting users with high-quality public chains and ecosystem projects.