BitKeep Wallet Added Sui Mainnet and Announced the Exchange of SUIBG for SUI

On May 3rd, 2023, BitKeep, a popular Web3 multi-chain wallet, integrated the Sui Mainnet into its platform. This addition allows users to manage their assets on the Sui network and interact with its DApp ecosystem. BitKeep users can now transact on the Sui network using their mobile devices. In the future, BitKeep will support features such as trading markets, candlestick charts, token swaps, and NFTs.

Concurrently, BitKeep opened the portal for users to exchange their exclusive futures token, SUIBG, for Sui’s official token (SUI). In the past, BitKeep distributed SUIBG to users through various means, including red packets, ARBK claimant airdrops, trading rewards, friend invitations, and Bitget campaigns. Since the total circulating supply of SUIBG and SUI is 100 billion and 10 billion, respectively, eligible users can exchange their SUIBG for SUI at the corresponding ratio.