BitKeep Wallet Extension Updated To V1.4.5, With 80K+ Downloads On Chrome Web Store

BitKeep, a Web3 multi-chain wallet, recently updated its extension to the latest version V1.4.5, which optimized wallet address books and Swap transaction records. It also added a Chrome passwordless function. This allows users to use the extension on the Chrome browser without entering a password, making it more convenient to manage wallet addresses and improve the on-chain swap experience. In addition, BitKeep has enhanced the stability and security of data transmission in this version, providing users with a better experience. Currently, BitKeep Wallet’s extension has been connected to OpenSea, Curve and other leading platforms!

As one of the first browser extension wallets that support 80+ mainnets and thousands of DeFi protocols, the BitKeep extension has the same rich functionalities and smooth Swap experience as BitKeep APP. BitKeep stated that the extension plays an important role in its internationalization strategy, especially in providing convenient usage scenarios for overseas users. Currently, the extension has 80,000+ downloads on the Chrome Web Store, with 90% of users from overseas. In the future, BitKeep will continue to strengthen its presence in the browser extension sector, providing users with the most comprehensive ecosystem and asset management services.