BitKeep Wallet Has Upgraded The Signature Protection Mechanism And Added The Risk Signature Reminder for ETH_sign

The recent V7.3.7 version of the Web3 multi-chain wallet BitKeephas strengthened the security mechanism of signature authorization and risk warning. Ithas especially added a reminderfor risk signatures, such as ETH_sign, to ensure the securityof user transactions. BitKeep officially stated that some phishing websites abuse the signature function of ETH_sign for blind signature fraud. To ensure the security of user transactions, BitKeep Wallet hastaken active risk warning measures and issued safety warnings to users.

BitKeep also strengthened the prevention of risk domain names, phishing websites, risk-receiving addresses, and contracts. It cooperated with third-party security organizations and connected to the GitHub open-source database, as well as the Go+ open-source security address database to identify and remind users of risk types such as phishing websites and dozen types of risky addresses and contracts during the process of connecting the wallet and authorizing signatures, thereby reducing the risk of user financial loss.