BitKeep Wallet Integration with Rocket Pool Reveals Plans for Staking Services and Integrationwith ETH 2.0

Web3 multi-chain wallet BitKeephas recently achieved a successful integration with Rocket Pool, a prominent Ethereum liquidity staking protocol. Rocket Pool has now included a link to BitKeep’s Chrome extension Wallet on its web-based staking portal, endorsing BitKeep as one of the official wallets of choice. This integration is set to enable BitKeep users to stake their ETHand garner rewards directly from their browser extension via the Rocket Pool platform. Concurrently, BitKeep has also launched a campaign exclusively for Rocket Pool participants.

Further, the BitKeep team has also revealed plans to integrate the Rocket Pool protocol into its mobile wallet, enabling the launch of Staking services in support of ETH 2.0. This integration will allow users to easily stake their ETH or engagein trading on the BitKeep Swap platform to acquire Rocket Pool’s liquidity staking token, rETH. By participating in staking through BitKeep, users can conveniently earn rewards via their BitKeep Wallet while also enjoying a more streamlined experience. Additionally, real-time reward tracking will be made available, providing users with enhanced transparency and visibility.