BitKeep Wallet Sponsors Wagmi

Multi-chain wallet BitKeep has sponsored the open source technology platform Wagmi to further bolster the development of the greater Web3 community.

BitKeep, a multi-chain wallet in Asia, has sponsored Wagmi, a Web3 front-end development library. The move was made in order to help more developers better utilize the front-end framework to build applications and access wallet services, lowering the barriers of entry for Web3 developers. BitKeep has officially stated that it will continue supporting the Web3 technology community in the future, and it is through this sponsorship program that BitKeep hopes to collaboratively explore better wallet services and development tools with Wagmi. In so doing, BitKeep seeks to further improve developer tools and user experience, as well as upgrade the developmental efficiency of underlying technologies within the industry.

For information, Wagmi is open source TypeScript tooling for Ethereum that includes basic functionalities required for interacting with EVM. This facilitates seamlessness in connecting wallets, displaying ENS and balance information, signing messages, and interacting with contracts – all of which come with caching, duplication of repeated requests, and persistence.