BitKeep’s Inaugural Launchpad Project Gosleep (ZZZ) Kicks Off With 7992% Surge On First Day Of Trading

BitKeep’s Launchpad platform has scored yet another successful launch with the highly sought-after Gosleep (ZZZ) project. The project saw an astonishing oversubscription of 604 times, demonstrating the massive interest and demand for it. On April 19th at 20:00 (UTC+8), BitKeep distributed ZZZ Tokens to all users who participated in the LaunchPad subscription, and ZZZ was officially listed on Bitget Exchange’s Arbitrum section at the same time. The token’s impressive performance since then has not disappointed, with ZZZ’s daily high increasing by a staggering 7992%.

Gosleep (ZZZ) is the first hot project on BitKeep Launchpad in 2023, and has successfully raised $2 million in funding, which was led by Foresight Ventures, with participation from CCC Capital, Amber Group, SevenX Ventures, KuCoin Ventures, and Gate Labs, among others.

BitKeep Launchpad empowers its users by offering exclusive access to high-quality projects, allowing them to engage with promising ventures in their early stages and seize lucrative investment opportunities. BitKeep Launchpad also provides promising projects with enhanced visibility and platform traffic support, thereby contributing to the development of the cryptocurrency industry’s ecosystem. By bridging the gap between promising projects and early-stage investors, BitKeep Launchpad is committed to fostering continued innovation and growth in the crypto space.