Catalyze Research to Host ‘XRP Ledger XCCESS’ Meetup on Sept. 6

Catalyze Research, a global blockchain consulting firm, announced today that it will host the XRP Ledger XCCESS meetup on September 6 at JBK Tower in Seoul, South Korea. The event will be the first community meetup to be held in Korea and will feature various domestic and international companies that make up the XRPL ecosystem, including Hacken, Biconomy, Web3Auth, INF CryptoLab, and IZUMI Finance.

XRPL is a Layer1 blockchain supported by the global developer community, including Ripple Labs and the XRPL Foundation, that focuses on security and stability more than existing blockchain solutions, allowing various functions to be executed through specific transaction types instead of a complex smart contract system.

The XCCESS event is open to ecosystem partners, major domestic and international Web3 projects, developers, and the general audience, and will feature keynote speeches introducing the XRP ledger ecosystem, developer and project grant support programs, and the latest trends in blockchain technology. There will also be time for industry leaders from various sectors to gather and network.

“As the XRP Ledger ecosystem continues to grow rapidly globally, the adoption of XRPL in infrastructure and protocols is accelerating, and we expect to see a wide range of services and use cases such as payments, decentralized finance (DeFi), and real-world asset tokenization expand in Korea. This first XRPL Community Meetup can serve as a steppingstone for our expansion strategy,” said Ben Ko CEO of Catalyze Research.

Registration information and details for the meetup can be found on the Luma event page and Catalyze Research’s official website.