Celebrating an Important Milestone: DogeWalk’s Registered Users Surpassed 2 Million

Only a few days after breaking through 500k users, we have completed an important milestone by successfully surpassing 2 million users.  The milestone symbolises  DogeWalk’s big step forward towards the grand goal of onboarding Web2 users to Web3. Thank you all for the continuous support and participation!

As an application that integrates Web3, GameFi, and SocialFi, DogeWalk is dedicated to providing a fun and valuable platform for dog lovers worldwide. Here, users can enjoy delightful times with their fur friends, earn an extra income through our platform for their dogs, and share experiences and happiness with other dog enthusiasts.

We’ve smoothly integrated the daily activities of “dog walking” into the core of our DogeWalk app. This approach has attracted more and more users to join. DogeWalk has created a closed-loop of benefits: users accumulate steps while walking dogs. By participating in mini-games, these steps are converted into platform tokens. When users get a certain number of platform tokens, they can extract token vouchers to trade on all major NFT marketplaces. We also plan to collaborate with more pet-related e-commerce platforms, allowing users to convert steps into pet products and discounted pet services.

With a solid business model and economic model, our project shows strong potential for sustainable development. We will closely monitor market trends and user needs to continuously optimise our services and applications. We hope our effort can contribute to the mass adoption of Web3 applications, and we look forward to more exciting achievements from the DogeWalk community!



A new and valuable WEB3 community for dog lovers around the world, allowing people to walk their dogs and earn tokens for income.