ComplexCon HK Teams Up with Newman Group to Welcome Hong Kong as the Next Web3 Hub

ComplexCon Hong Kong proudly announces its groundbreaking strategic alliance with Newman Group as the Official Web3 Partner, making a significant stride in boosting mass consumer adoption and shaping cultures within the Web3 ecosystem through real-life experiences.

Together with the support of InvestHK, they aspire to position Hong Kong as the premier hub for Web3 innovation. This partnership signifies a pivotal moment, launching an exciting era at the inaugural pop culture event from March 22-24, 2024.

“ComplexCon Hong Kong as a meticulously curated festival of pop culture, understands the power and potential of collaboration and culture convergence across categories, and is actively developing a platform for innovation and advancing the global cultural dialogue. By inviting the boldest Web3 brands and their passionate communities to show up, I am looking forward to enabling innovative collaboration between Web3 with fashion, food and music creators through authentic encounters at our festival.” – Bonnie Chan, CEO of Complex China

Newman Group is leading the charge in accelerating and empowering Web3 adoption by bridging cultures and shaping a new cultural identity.

“Our strategic partnership with ComplexCon is founded on shared core values, such as authenticity and community, bridging pop culture with Web3. We envision learning from

world-renowned creators and artists, alongside Web3 brands, creators, and entrepreneurs, to foster positivity and drive real audience adoption in our industry. This innovative leap will not only enrich the ComplexCon experience but also establish a precedent for future events.” – Adrian Lai, Founder of Newman Group.

For the first-ever ComplexCon Hong Kong, Newman Group has invited some of the biggest names, both locally and internationally, from the Web3 space to be part of the journey to connect cultures and stay abreast of evolving consumer trends. Furthermore, ComplexCon offers the perfect platform to showcase the potential of Web3 to a broader audience, reaching beyond the tech community.

Ray Chan, CEO & Founder of 9GAG and Memeland, expressed that ComplexCon offers an unparalleled experience that is unique and distinct from other industry events. This sentiment aligns with his previous tweet, where he advocated for collaboration and growth, urging individuals to move away from a competitive mindset and embrace collective progress. “Let’s build together. Let’s grow together. Let’s free ourselves from the PvP mindset our society wants us to believe. Let’s go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

The inclusion of Animoca, Memeland, and the Web3 supporting communities of ARC, Foresight News, Moongate, Phaver, and Rug Radio enabled by Newman Group signifies the initiation of connecting Web2 and Web3 communities. This provides a seamless and enjoyable experience by introducing remarkable Web3 IPs to attendees. Moreover, Newman Group is honored to

have invited Stephen Fung to ComplexCon Hong Kong to share his role as a film director and how he combines his love of cinematic storytelling with Web3.

The exciting Web3 panel on ComplexCon(versations) presented by Animoca Brands also features an all-star line-up led by Adrian Lai (Founder of Newman Group), alongside Ray Chan (CEO and Co-founder of 9GAG and Memeland), Yat Siu (Co-founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands), Stephen Fung (Actor and Director), and Farokh Sarmad (Founder of Rug Radio) aims to delve into the cultural shock in Web3 and its potential influence on culture, the arts, and creativity.

What’s more? Newman Group will host the Official Web3 Kickoff Party at ComplexCon HK on Friday, March 22, just before the night’s concert, to celebrate the biggest cultural convergence event of the year. Newman Group invites partners such as InvestHK, Well3, Highstreet, Rug Radio, Decrypt, Gemie, and numerous NFT communities to join in this cultural celebration for Web3. Special guest Jaeson Ma, will also be joining from LA, the Co-Founder of 88rising, Stampede Ventures & EST Media who continues to empower artists to directly publish to and engage with their fans via his new Web3 project, OP3N. Jaeson will lead an exclusive fireside chat with Bonnie Chan and Kevin Poon, the inaugural cultural entrepreneur and influencer, delving into cultural diversity and the current cultural narrative shaping creative minds and leaders, building anticipation for the exciting weekend ahead.

Inspired by the collaboration with ComplexCon HK, Newman Group is launching a Web3 Lab to redefine the intersection of technology and culture, setting a new standard for driving global adoption of Web3.

Are you ready to be part of the cultural movement?