Crypto Media Alliance: Breaking Information Barriers, Strengthening Collaboration

The Crypto Media Alliance (CMA) is breaking new ground in the world of blockchain media by fostering collaboration across different languages and regions. Created in April 2023, this groundbreaking initiative is spearheaded by Foresight News, a multilingual Web3 media platform known for its significant impact in the Asia-Pacific region. Joining forces with leading blockchain media outlets like BlockTempo in Taiwan and CoinNess in South Korea, CMA has rapidly expanded, welcoming over ten influential industry media outlets in the past six months. Together, they’re redefining the landscape of Web3 media.

Diversity is the cornerstone of CMA’s success. By embracing languages such as English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Thai, among others, the alliance has formed a comprehensive matrix of blockchain media. This extensive network collectively garners more than 14 million monthly page views and boasts a community size in the millions.

CMA’s mission goes beyond just uniting media outlets; it’s about fostering an environment of open collaboration. The alliance remains committed to welcoming Web3 and blockchain vertical media globally, providing a platform for the exchange of content, resources, and expertise. Moreover, CMA is gearing up to host a series of engaging online and offline events, offering member outlets exclusive opportunities and privileges.

In essence, CMA stands at the forefront of creating a more unified and credible voice for the Web3 world. Through shared resources, strengthened cooperation, and a commitment to inclusivity, it’s paving the way for a more interconnected and powerful blockchain media landscape.


Foresight News is the largest multilingual Web3 media platform in the Asia-Pacific region. Since its establishment in January 2022, it has rapidly grown into one of the most influential Chinese Web3 integrated platform for media, events &data. Currently, the monthly PV of its Chinese platform has exceeded 4 million. Based on fast and high-quality content, Foresight News has launched nine products, including Foresight Wiki, the most comprehensive Web3 companies/projects database in Chinese; Foresight Calendar, the most widely subscribed Web3 calendar among practitioners; and Foresight Job, a Web3 job aggregation platform, among others. It has become the largest content-driven platform in the Web3 Chinese world.

Business Collaboration: TG: @Chloeppan

Media Collaboration: TG: @CarrieFu

CoinNess is a cryptocurrency investment information platform widely used by investors in South Korea. With over 500,000 registered users, it offers real-time global cryptocurrency news, on-chain data, market prices, and more.

Business Collaboration: TG: @vlcjsm

Media Collaboration: TG: @vlcjsm

BlockTempo is a comprehensive blockchain media born from the community in Taiwan and is also the organizer of Taiwan’s largest-scale blockchain summit, the Asia Blockchain Summit. Additionally, it manages various types of in-depth communities related to technology, investment, and industries.

Business Collaboration: TG: @ianyehh

Media Collaboration: TG: @ianyehh

TokenPost is a media company focusing on distributed technology and the latest news analysis of key figures in the blockchain industry, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

Business Collaboration: TG: @David_Kim

Media Collaboration: TG: @David_Kim

Blockmedia is Korea’s largest blockchain and virtual asset media outlet. Blockmedia serves as a bridge connecting Korea and the world through Korean and English news.

Business Collaboration: TG: @EtC_BTM

Media Collaboration: TG: @Stanley_J_Choi

CoinPost is a crypto media with 1 million monthly users that organizes WebX, the largest Crypto conference in Japan.

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Media Collaboration: TG: @Makoto_CoinPost

Cointelegraph Japan is the Official Japanese site of Cointelegraph.

Business Collaboration: TG: @xiaoyingren

Media Collaboration: TG: @xiaoyingren

DeThings is a leading Singaporean Web3 media founded in 2022, specializing in exclusive and comprehensive content on cutting-edge Web3.0 technologies for Chinese language readers worldwide.

Business Collaboration: TG: @Erato_Siyu

Media Collaboration: TG: @Erato_Siyu

Coinlive is an independent news media company that makes blockchain simpler for everyone in Asia.

Business Collaboration: TG: @cmsKelssi

Media Collaboration: TG: @cmsKelssi

MarsBit was upgraded from the “Mars Finance” brand. It was founded in 2018 by Wang Feng, a well-known Internet serial entrepreneur and founder of Linekong Interactive. MarsBit provides in-depth coverage of the latest developments in the global encryption industry.

Business Collaboration: TG: @Lottie96

Media Collaboration: TG: @Lottie96

Bitcoin Addict is a crypto media group and community in Thailand, it organizes Blockchain Genesis, Thailand’s largest Blockchain Conference & Web3 Festival.

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