Crypto News Update: CZ’s Own Book, AI Audience on X, Musk’s Deepfakes

The crypto industry is full of remarkable news every week. New integrations, project launches, and rumors surrounding the relationship between Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Euphoria actress Sidney Sweeney. That’s right, you heard right, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. The past week was full of no less interesting events, so let’s take a look at what was going on.

AI Audience on X

The business account of the social network X has announced a new feature for advertisers enhanced with artificial intelligence.

On May 10, they announced the launch of an option called AI Audience. It will allow advertisers to describe their target audience for a particular ad, and the artificial intelligence system will create a pool of “the most relevant X users.”

The publication contains a video demonstrating how this feature works. In a matter of seconds, AI created a list with hundreds of users of the target audience, along with statistics on the demographic group. 

The opinions of social media users on the update are divided. Some believe that it will change the world of advertising and “value for money” on the platform. One user questioned the extent to which AI is able to accurately target the audience. Others were concerned that artificial intelligence reinforces and perpetuates prejudice and stereotypes. Among them were those who asked what exactly X sells and “to whom.”

“I thought I am the one paying, so X doesn’t have to pimp me to brands and sell me to corporations.” HarrierBR wrote.

However, despite their skepticism, the majority called the development “exciting” and “really smart.”

CZ Teasing His Own Book

Former Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao hinted in his X that he might write his own book. 

“I got some “quiet time” coming up. Will use that to write something.” he notes.

Zhao says he will try to write his own book as he has nothing else to do. 

In November, Changpeng Zhao pleaded guilty to money laundering and resigned as CEO of Binance. Prosecutors demanded that the owner of the exchange be sentenced to 3 years in prison. However, in April, Zhao was imprisoned for four months, becoming the richest person ever imprisoned in the United States.

Despite the huge fine and prison sentence, the exchange continues its illegal activities. The number of countries that block Binance’s work due to their illegal activities is only increasing. Recently, the Canadian financial regulator fined the exchange $4.3 million for administrative violations. FINTRAC stated that Binance failed to register as a foreign money services company and failed to report nearly 6,000 transactions worth more than $10,000.

Nigeria’s Interpol Enhances Cybersecurity through Crypto Training

Nigeria’s INTERPOL, security experts and other representatives of the local intelligence service have undergone special training to help them fight crimes involving digital assets. The meeting was part of a training platform organized by A&D Forensics in partnership with the African Stablecoin Consortium.

The main goal of the training was to provide Interpol agents with the skills to use blockchain information and analysis to track and prosecute cybercriminals involved in cryptocurrency transactions.

Blockchain specialist Chioma Onyekelu said that cybercrime has gone beyond traditional fiat currency, and criminals are now using digital assets to commit various cybercrime. He also added that Interpol Nigeria receives requests for cybercrime from international partners, so it is crucial to expand its capabilities through targeted training.

Adedeji Owonibi, senior partner at A&D Forensics, told the press that the training is imperative due to the growing cybercrime trends in the country. He stated: “A significant gap exists between the evolving cybercrimes and the capabilities of law enforcement agencies in Nigeria. As responsible corporate citizens, we recognized the need to bridge this gap and support our law enforcement agencies in staying updated and effectively combating cybercrimes.”

Crypto training is now quite important not only for special services but also for ordinary users. Knowing the basics of the industry not only gives you a better understanding of it, but also helps you protect your assets more effectively. There are many educational courses organized by companies. For example, the OKX Academy, which allows you to expand your knowledge on various industry topics, from market analysis to the latest tokens.

Another exchange that offers training for users is WhiteBIT. In partnership with FC Barcelona, the exchange has launched an educational course that covers topics necessary for a deep understanding of the industry: classification of digital assets, basics of trading; implementation of blockchain innovations in various industries on the example of the sports industry and football clubs.

The Bitget cryptocurrency exchange also has its own academy, where courses on various topics are available for users with several levels of difficulty: from beginners to advanced.

Will ChatGPT Be in the Apple Update?

Apple and OpenAI are in the final stages of negotiations to sign a contract for the use of ChatGPT features in the iPhone. According to Bloomberg, if the deal is finalized, the chatbot features will be implemented in the upcoming iOS 18 software update from Apple. It is also noted that Apple is negotiating with Google to integrate the Gemini chatbot. 

It is not yet known whether users will be able to disable these features on their devices in the new operating system. 

Earlier, there were rumors that Apple was using ChatGPT to a limited extent due to concerns about data compromise. However, recently, there have been more and more reports that the company is trying to create its own artificial intelligence division. On April 30, Cointelegraph reported that Apple is recruiting experts from Google to create its own AI and machine learning team. In addition to creating a team of AI experts, Apple also recently acquired two local AI startups in Zurich, which led to the creation of a “secret” laboratory called the Vision Lab.

Is It a New Project from Musk?

Elon Musk is involved in the development of various projects and companies, and recently, information about the investor’s involvement in a new platform began to spread. However, as it turned out, this was done by fraudsters who used Musk’s deepfakes to mislead users into believing that he was the organizer of the platform. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission reported that a group called Quantum AI or AI Quantum was behind it all.

The group involved in the incident claimed to offer cryptocurrency trading services using artificial intelligence. The criminals used 3 websites and 2 Facebook pages to carry out their fraud. To give their scheme credibility, the fraudsters used fake videos featuring Elon Musk, falsely portraying him as the developer of their technology. They even created a fake “news” website to spread fabricated information about their services, further deceiving potential victims.

The Hong Kong police have shut down all the group’s websites and social media pages. But the full amount of damage is still unknown.

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