David Tse Elaborates On Bitcoin Scalability, Data Availability, Security And Interoperability

At the “FORESIGHT 2023” annual summit jointly hosted by Foresight Ventures and Foresight News, David Tse, Professor at Stanford University and Founder of BabylonChain, delivered a keynote speech. David referred to lessons of scalability and security abstracted from the Ethereum ecosystem and extended to the future design of protocols built upon Bitcoin. He highlighted the significance of shared security of the Bitcoin main chain with such chains as Cosmos and Polkadot and mentioned the 3 aspects of Bitcoin security, namely, BTC as a timestamping server which order events in time; BTC’s block space which was highlighted by Ordinals inscriptions; BTC the asset itself of high security. David then furthered his introduction to Babylon, the Bitcoin security protocol and its BTC timestamping transactions, data availability layer and BTC staking.