DegenReborn Secures High-Profile Investment And Sets For Imminent Listing

DegenReborn closes strategic funding from P12, CyberConnect, Galxe and Era7, and sets for initial listing on Bitget Exchange on April 10th, 2023. As a web3 text-based game, DegenReborn has made a grand entrance into the crypto market with premium expert recognition and massive market awareness.

The game has already gained significant traction, with over 17,599 unique paid wallet addresses and 395 $BNB in total volume during its 72-hour beta test, ranking #4 on Dappradar BNBChain Game Sector and BNB Chain Gas Buzzler charts. Alongside the flash beta, Degen2009, the game’s exclusive NFT collection, features 2009 crypto heroes with unique in-game buffs and benefits were successfully sold out on 3/29. Validation from the market continues. DegenReborn’s award winning streak from three well-known hackathons, Mask x Starkware, CyberConnect x BNB Chain, and ETHFoundation, also adds to its credibility.

The game’s cutting-edge innovation has earned it praise from industry experts and recognition from BNB Chain and Chainlink for its innovative game design and Chainlink VRF & Automation integration. Top-tier partnerships from industry-leading partners like CyberConnect, Galxe, QuestN, Element Marketplace, Lifeform, TokenPocket, Ultiverse, Polygon and others, represent a promising future ahead.

The introduction of DegenReborn to the crypto gaming community is sure to captivate and inspire, marking a significant contribution to the ever-evolving blockchain gaming space.