Discovering Mobaverse: The First GameFi that supports NFT commercialization

Mobaverse is the first GameFi that supports NFT commercialization to join the Web3 revolution. Mobaverse opens up the world of GameFi to unprecedented levels of interaction, enabling players to turn their favourite NFTs into heroes for online battles.

Not only does this GameFi provide a splendid level of entertainment, but it also allows users to Monetize their NFTs – an important breakthrough in the development of the NFT Financialization.

So let’s dive deeper into Mobaverse to discover how it revolutionizing the gaming industry and what it can do for you!

What Is Mobaverse and Why It Matters

Mobaverse is the first GameFi to offer a comprehensive platform for integrating NFTs into commercial application. According to The Block, it has raised USD 2 million in the seed funding Round in Aug. 2022 led by Animoca.

Mobaverse gives players a unique way to monetize their NFTs while also experiencing high-quality battle modes and game settings.

The vast potential of Mobaverse promises exciting new possibilities for gamers and developers in Web3, as it provides a long-term solution for the in-game tokenomics and NFT utilization.

Enjoy Its Innovative Game Mechanics and Various Playing Modes

In order to create various game matches to maximize the player’s game fun, the development team designs different gameplays that can be divided into 5VS5 Match, 5VS5 Qualifying and the entertainment mode.

Loot Box is one of the core gameplay of Mobaverse. The system decides whether to give the player the loot box rewards according to the player’s score at the end of each game. After obtaining the loot box, the player can purchase a key in the mall to open it and obtain various game props such as NFT skins or fragments. In addition, players can also earn honor points through matching and qualifying modes, which can be used to exchange for designated items.

Mobaverse provides a series of different styles of characters for players to collect and cultivate. Each hero has its own features in both image and skills. There are two sectors that affect the image attributes of heroes, namely appearance and numerical sacred stones. As for the different skills owned by each hero, this makes players have different positions on the battlefield. Each hero’s skill type is divided into active and passive skills, which are fixed categories bound to the character and cannot be changed. With the accumulation of game experience, the skills can be improved accordingly.

In addition, Mobaverse provides players with an active social atmosphere and social channels. It enables users to follow and chat with each other. There will be a built-in chat tool on Mobaverse and users can add friends with each other and then form teams when playing 5v5 and ARAM(All Random All Mid) modes. The system automatically matches teammates when playing 5v5 and ARAM which provides an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other.

How Does Its Dual-Token Model Work?

Mobaverse comes with a dual-token model to boot. This dual-token model gives gamers access to two different types of tokens, consisting of utility token and governance token, both of which will be on the chain.

  • Utility Token: It is the main currency and major rewards of daily activities in the game. It can be paid for in-game experiences, goods, and services provided by other players as well as purchasing various assets such as heroes and normal skins, and opening mysterious Loot Boxes.
  • Governance Token: The total issuance of Governance Token is fixed. Owners can use it to vote for the development direction of Mobaverse, participate in the DAO and draw/buy game NFT assets (Such as purchase rare heroes and numbered skins). It can be output through limited high-end gameplays such as season rank rewards, team competition rewards, special event rewards, etc. Governance Token is also a kind of revenue for subsequent platform development.

In addition, Mobaverse successfully integrates on-chain and off-chain assets, and the overall value of on-chain assets will be higher, including characters, props, tokens, etc. As the game develops, some off-chain assets may also be transferred to on-chain. Some examples of initial items are listed below, and more examples will be added gradually as the game is developed.

The game will launch a trading market, which players can open in the game or through the web page, where players can sell and buy all in-game on-chain assets and some high-value off-chain assets. The reliable development team and mature infrastructure can ensure the security of game asset transactions, and at the same time use blockchain technology to ensure the ownership of relevant assets after players trade.

How an NFT Holder Can Apply to Turing Their NFT into an in-Game Hero?

As the first Moba GameFi that combines NFT commercialization and gaming, Mobaverse enables users to turn their beloved NFTs into heroes for battles. With Mobaverse framework, any NFT project or holder will have the opportunity to see their NFTs designed as cool heroes &skins and apply them in splendid combats.

The first batch of NFT cooperation agreements signed includes famous blue-chip communities such as BAYC, Azuki and Meebits in the form of targeted invitations. Next, Mobaverse is opening application access publicly to the entire Web3 industry.

So don’t miss out this amazing opportunity! Fill out the application form and join our waitlist: Click Here, you’ll be one step closer to commercializing your NFTs!

After receiving the filled application form, Mobaverse will get in touch with suitable applicants, carry out a customized design of NFT, make it into a hero and launch the character in the game.

Explore the interoperable future of GameFi Ecosystem

Mobaverse is the first GameFi to bring NFT commercialization to the Web3 gaming industry.

This innovative project brings numerous new opportunities and possibilities, enabling players and developers to create the future of interoperability in a completely new way.

The Mobaverse ecosystem offers:

  • an interoperable gaming sphere where users’ effort/earnings in one game can be transferred to other games with ease.
  • support for a broad spectrum of NFT-based applications, like trading heroes and skins, offering players with even more opportunities for engagement and monetization.
  • security features that help protect users’ asset transactions and ensure the gameplay remains fair and transparent while also allowing players to have full control of their assets at all times.
  • scalable infrastructure, which ensures fast loading times and smooth gameplay experience no matter how many players are in the game at any given time.
  • an active environment that allows players to fully participate where users and the development team can communicate in a timely manner and fully discuss the design of their NFT heroes.

As a revolutionary GameFi that enables gamers monetize their NFTs, Mobaverse is unlocking a whole new level of gaming in Web3 space. Mobaverse offers gamers to enjoy play-to-earn while playing a variety of gaming modes and explore the future of Web3.0 interoperability jointly.

It is desirable to aspire that the testnet (Alpha Version) will be launched in May, so stay tuned for more updated results!

Now join Mobaverse and start your journey!