Embark on BitKeep’s zkSync Gold Expedition! Stand to Win $ZKBG and Qualify for Official zkSync Token Airdrops

BitKeep, one of the leading Web3 multichain wallets, is kicking off a colossal event named “zkSync Gold Expedition” at 18:00 on May 31st, 2023 (UTC+8). Its all-in-one landing page facilitates user engagement with the zkSync Era project by providing introductions and step-by-step guides, making it easy to explore the zkSync Era ecosystem and potentially qualify for future zkSync Era official token airdrops. Moreover, abundant rewards such as $ZKBG points and great prizes from popular projects ensure users gain a share of the rewards while working towards future zkSync official airdrops.

BitKeep’s zkSync Gold Expedition has seen a high level of participation from numerous zkSync Era projects. The multichain wallet will also drop $ZKBG through its official Twitter, various community platforms, cooperative project partners, Galxe, and other task-focused platforms. BitKeep has announced an upcoming AMA session on Twitter Space, providing tips on scoring airdrops. If you’re a Mandarin speaker, you are welcome to join the AMA at 21:00 on May 31st (UTC+8).

According to the latest announcement, BitKeep Wallet is now fully integrated with the zkSync Era ecosystem, offering mainnet access, asset deposit and withdrawal, cross-chain Swap, candlestick charts, and DApp ecosystem aggregation. BitKeep users can now easily manage their assets on zkSync Era and carry out single-chain and multi-chain transactions. Additionally, BitKeep presents a newly designed landing page – the zkSync Ecosystem Project Interaction Zone, providing comprehensive tutorials and guides for users to interact with various projects in the zkSync Era ecosystem.