ETH Hong Kong 2023: Empowering the Web3 Community and Building a New Era of Innovation

ETH Hong Kong 2023, the city’s first Ethereum community-owned gathering, concluded with resounding success from October 22nd to 24th, 2023 at the vibrant Cyberport. This landmark event gathering a diverse and influential audience, ETH Hong Kong 2023 left a profound impact on the Web3 community:

Inspirational Speakers: The event featured over 120 renowned speakers who shared their insights, making it a platform for knowledge exchange, from Web3 Layer2 to zk and more.

Headline speakers:

  • Vitalik Buterin: Co-founder of Ethereum
  • Justin Drake: Researcher of Ethereum
  • Illia Polosukhin: Co-founder of NEAR Protocol
  • Mihailo Bjelic: Co-founder of Polygon Foundation
  • Hendrick Sin: MH, Chairman, Cyberport Investors Network (CIN) Steering Group; Chairman of Macro Fund Investment Committee; Co-Founder & Vice Chairman, CMGE Technology Group Limited
  • King Leung: Head of Financial Services & Fintech

Innovative Hackathons: More than 84 teams of hackathon participants showcased their inventive projects, reflecting the immense creativity within the community.

Top Web3 Projects: The event hosted a plethora of projects, including Scroll and Polygon, as well as 20 other pioneering initiatives, turning the Innovation Stage and Exhibition area into a dynamic space for collaboration.

Global Participation: With 2500 attendees over three days, more than half of whom were international, ETH Hong Kong 2023 truly lived up to its global reputation.

Community Empowerment: The event reinforced its commitment to building the Web3 developer community, providing a platform for nurturing future innovation.

Co-Hosts: Co-hosted by Scroll and the Newman Group, the event celebrated the strength of collaboration within the Web3 ecosystem.

Future Prospects: Based on the event’s demographic, Hong Kong has emerged as a potential hub for Web3 technology in the region.

ETH Hong Kong 2023 marks the dawn of a new era for Web3 technology in Hong Kong, cementing its status as a thriving hub for innovation. This event has showcased the potential of Web3, celebrating the power of collaboration, innovation, and community building.