Foresight Daily

Chinese President Xi Jinping has stated that new technologies like blockchain are dramatically changing the global resource allocation, industrial development models, and people’s lifestyles.

The Korea Blockchain Week KBW2023 has officially commenced. suffered a hacker attack resulting in losses exceeding $41 million; the platform claims that services have been fully restored.

During his KBW2023 speech, Vitalik mentioned that state expiry is a low-priority choice compared to stateless storage solutions.

Synapse Protocol stated that a liquidity provider sold tokens and removed liquidity, asserting that there are no security vulnerabilities in the protocol or cross-chain bridge.

The founder of Osmosis revealed that PUBG developer KRAFTON is set to launch a Cosmos-based Settlus chain.

Connext announced that 5,725 witch addresses have been identified and disqualified, and approximately 5.93 million NEXT tokens will be reclaimed.

WPS AI is now officially open to the public.

Lido on Solana is seeking $1.5 million in financial support from Lido DAO; otherwise, it will gradually shut down its support services.

Qredo has laid off about 50 employees, saving approximately 35% of annual expenses.