Foresight Daily

  • OPNX, a claims trading platform founded by Su Zhu, has completed a $25 million funding round and will acquire all of CoinFLEX’s assets.
  • Bitget has announced a user protection fund, currently valued at $300 million, which includes 6,500 BTC, 160 million USDT, and 40 million USDC.
  • US law enforcement agencies have transferred approximately $1 billion worth of BTC to three addresses, including Coinbase, after seizing the funds as part of an investigation into Silk Road’s illegal proceeds in November 2021 and March 2022.
  • Republican State Representative Giovanni Capriglione of Texas has submitted House Bill 166 to regulate the unregulated cryptocurrency market in Texas, in order to protect investors using digital asset exchanges such as Coinbase, Cash App, and Kraken.
  • Gitcoin has partnered with Index Coop to launch gtcETH, which provides funding for Gitcoin Grants through ETH staking rewards.
  • Amazon’s NFTs will reportedly be linked to physical goods and are expected to launch before May of this year.