Foresight Daily

Twitter has replaced its original logo with the Dogecoin logo on its website.

The fifth largest holder of DOGE sold 650 million DOGE after a significant price surge.

DeFi lending protocol Euler Finance announced that the attacker who exploited their protocol has returned all stolen funds.

Digital asset platform Bakkt has completed its acquisition of Apex Crypto.

Re7 Capital and Republic Crypto have launched the $100 million RxR Opportunities Fund, which will focus on investing in medium-sized cryptocurrencies, with an emphasis on liquidity tokens.

MEV bots’ attackers maliciously constructed invalid blocks, SlowMist suggested that relay operators upgrade their systems promptly.

Binance’s global market share of trading volume decreased by 16% in the first quarter, falling to 54%.

Signature Bank executives sold over $100 million in company stock over the past three years, with the bank’s chairman, former CEO, and his successor accounting for roughly half of the total amount.

The AIP-1 proposal initiated by the Arbitrum Foundation did not pass, with 76.67% (about 100 million votes) voting against it.

Rating agency S&P is hiring a DeFi director to work with its Chief DeFi Officer Chuck Mounts to help develop and implement the company’s strategy in the field.

zkSync has announced that some users of the zkSync Era may experience deposit failures, and a fix will be deployed in the next 24 hours.

The nominal value of DOGE unclosed contracts reached $639 million, with $26.83 million liquidated in the past 24 hours.