Foresight Daily

Hotbit announces cessation of operations, users must withdraw remaining assets by June 21st.

Address 0x032F0C sold 190 MAYC  on Blur 17 hours ago, equivalent to approximately $3.44 million.

The attacker of Tornado Cash has proposed a new governance recovery proposal to remove malicious code if approved by the protocol.

Arbitrum has surpassed 7 million created accounts, with a growth of nearly 30% in the past month.

SushiSwap CEO Jared Grey states that some users in the Lido community believe that Lido has no obligation or authority to return stolen funds.

Today, 7 Doodles NFT whales collectively sold over 400 Doodles in the Blur pool.

ConsenSys tweeted that MetaMask does not impose taxes on cryptocurrency transactions and has not made any changes to its terms.

Vitalik Buterin expresses that zk-SNARKs will be as important as blockchain in the next 10 years.

Gemini announces that Digital Currency Group (DCG) has not paid approximately $630 million in debt due on May 11th.

The total value of MATIC staked on the Lido platform exceeds $100 million.

BitMEX will launch BitMEX Hong Kong targeting users from Hong Kong.

The circulating supply of Ethereum has decreased by over 250,000 tokens since the merge.