Foresight Exclusive: CMA Report – A Primer Of Asia’s Crypto Landscape

Based on data from Chainalysis, Central and Southern Asia and Oceania (CSAO) ranked as the third-largest cryptocurrency market in their 2022 index. From July 2021 to June 2022, citizens in these regions acquired cryptocurrencies worth $932 billion.

Crypto Media Alliance(CMA), led by Foresight News and co-launched with Taiwan’s top blockchain media BlockTempo and Korea’s top blockchain media CoinNess, has published a report to help readers gain a deeper understanding of the potential hidden in the mysterious Eastern powers.

The following report offers a comprehensive view of the Asia crypto ecosystem, covering regulatory landscape, market size and demographics, infrastructure, talent, investors, developers and operators, and future outlook. It highlights the importance of the APAC region and its potential impact on the crypto industry. The report offers insights into China’s penetration rate and user behavior, the alt-coin dominated Korea market, and the defi-driven Taiwan market. It also lists the core companies and technologies in the region, the leading VCs, and the types of projects and protocols.

Read/download full report:’S_CRYPTO_LANDSCAPE.pdf

About CMA:

The Crypto Media Alliance, led by Foresight News and co-launched with BlockTempo and CoinNess, is open to all Web3 media worldwide. The aim is to bring industry media from different languages and regions closer together, break down regional information barriers, share resources, and strengthen collaboration. The alliance intends to bring a more credible voice to the world of Web3.