Foresight News Launches Financing News Feed on Foresight WiKi

Foresight News has introduced a new feature called the Web3 Funding News Feed on Foresight Wiki. Financing News Feed aims to provide users with accurate and comprehensive Web3 investment and funding information, while creating a new platform for Web3 entrepreneurs and organizations to showcase their projects.

The new feature allows users to quickly search for information based on funding entities and participating institutions. Users can filter investment and funding information by time period, funding rounds, and monetary range.Search results can be sorted based on the funding amount and chronological order. Additionally, the organization and project profiles on Foresight Wiki are now linked to this new feature.

Foresight WiKi has now included over 4,000 institutions and 11,000 projects. Based on these institutions and projects, Foresight News reconstructs the structure of its contents and products and integrates with the Web3 task platform, forming a new traffic entrance.