Foresight X Hacker House: Tech Feast For Developers

by Foresight X

The 5-day Hacker House, hosted by Foresight Ventures’ accelerator Foresight X and co-hosted by Blockchain Academy, officially closed on April 14th at Hong Kong Cyberport.

Foresight X provided the venue and free accommodation for the developers participating in the event. It offers prizes of approximately $100,000 HKD to the winning developer teams. Those projects that win will be considered for the Foresight X accelerator second cohort.

 Those projects that win will be considered for the Foresight X accelerator second cohort.

Developers from 16 countries and regions participated in the event and built 64 projects covering DeFi, NFT, Game, Social, and Infrastructure. During the event, 30 guests and mentors conducted 16 roundtables and 10 workshops to train developers in 4 programming languages, including Solidity, Rust, Move, and Cairo. 10 ecosystems were introduced, including Scroll, Starknet, BNB Chain, Conflux, ZetaChain, etc. A total of 9 judges were also invited to help developers complete their projects.

Roundtable Discussions and Workshops

Based on an analysis of the current status of Web3 development in Hong Kong, Foresight X decided to focus on providing Web3 education for local developers. This was done during the Hacker House event. The 5-day Hacker House event had five different themes, covering infrastructure, foundational applications, L1/L2 ecosystems, gaming, social, and frontier exploration. We invited over 30 guests to participate in 10 workshops and 16 roundtable discussions, providing valuable insights and experiences.

Workshops at the event focused on hands-on development, builders were able to understand the basic framework and evolution of Web3, as well as what applications can be developed using existing infrastructure. By participating in roundtable discussions and being mentored by industry leaders, developers were able to bounce ideas off one another, continually enhance their understanding, and stay updated on Web3 technology advancements.

Foresight X OpenBuild Hacker House Workshop

Solidity WorkshopBy BeosinSolidity Basics; Token and Liquidity Mining; Hardhat
Consensys WorkshopMetaMask Snaps and Infura
ZetaChain WorkshopBuilding Omnichain Smart Contracts
Solana WorkshopIntro to Solana Architecture and Programming; Deep Dive into Solana’s Technical Innovations
Midaswap WorkshopNFTFi Project Ideation and Practice
BNB Chain WorkshopzkBNB Building Practice
Sui WorkshopGet Started Quickly with  Move and Build a Simple dApp

Foresight X OpenBuild Hacker House @ HK Schedule, Diversified Workshops and Roundtables to Enhance Developer Education

Foresight X OpenBuild Hacker House @ HK Workshop

The event is held concurrently with “FORESIGHT 2023” and aims at educating and exchanging ideas with developers. It also provides a channel for those who hope to enter the Web3 field to access rich industry resources. The mentors and developers who participated in this event also highly praised Foresight X hacker house.

OpenBuild: OpenBuild is the theme of this hacker house and also the brand of the developer community that Foresight is about to establish. In the future, the OpenBuild community will be committed to providing high-quality content and activities for a wide range of Web3 developers, collaborating and growing with developers under open source and open concepts, helping developers succeed better. “A person can walk fast, but a group can walk further.”

Jeffrey Hu, Tech Lead @ Hashkey Capital: As one of the sponsors of this event, I am happy to see many developers learning, exchanging, and completing projects at this hacker house. I am also very happy to share cross-chain technology with developers as a roundtable guest. Looking forward to the next developer event!

Fengchi, Founder & Partner @ SevenX Ventures: Hong Kong provides us with safe and innovative soil. I hope more Chinese developers can play to their strengths by understanding Web3 cultural attributes. I hope they are not simply copying the Internet’s approach to solving problems.

Steven, Partner @ FutureMoney Group: The hacker house organized by Foresight X in Hong Kong helped us establish a connection with Asian builders. Through this event, we saw that Asia has many developers who can develop and apply. We will continue to sponsor and support Foresight X events in the future.

Elaine Yang, Investment Director @ Waterdrip Capital: I am happy to participate in this hacker house – several days of immersive learning are really good. With the mentor panel, workshop, demo day, development tutorials, etc. the design is quite complete, and the interactions with the hackers are also very in-depth and many solo developers have strong technical skills. It is a long way to go for developer education, so what Foresight X is doing is very meaningful.

Alex Golding, Investor @ Delphi Digital: The Foresight X Hacker House in Hong Kong brought together terrific founders in a setting that let them share ideas and build freely. I was quite impressed with the team’s execution and hope to participate in the future.

Young, Researcher @ Scroll: Hacker house is a place where developers gather to share knowledge and innovative ideas. It is also a catalyst for exploring innovative technology and business models together. Let’s Builder-ing!

Seabook, Dev Advocate @ Starkware: During HK Blockchain Week, we saw the power and spirit of the mysterious Eastern Builders. Starknet’s ecosystem will also help young Eastern Builders go further and strengthen.

Gitcoin Team: Thank you so much to Foresight Ventures and Foresight X for bringing Gitcoin to HK for their beautiful summit and hacker house. It was incredibly exciting to meet the Chinese web3 scene & learn about what people are building.There are definite industry parallels, verifying international proof-of-concept, but also distinguished contrasts, that we at Gitcoin are looking forward to exploring further by supporting grantees in their native language & working with new, international, mission-aligned partners. We are so grateful that many builders here share our vision of a regenerative economic system via public goods and democratic funding methods.This only marks the beginning of Gitcoin going truly global with a focused intention of supporting the Chinese-speaking market. Thank you so much again to FV & FX for inviting Gitcoin from across the world–to help amplify public goods to this vibrant and enthralling builder scene. We can’t wait to continue building and funding what matters to the Chinese-speaking industry in a positive-sum, pluralistic manner, together with Foresight Ventures!!

ZetaChain Team: The ZetaChain team was thrilled to work with the Foresight X hackers and get them set up to build the first omnichain dApps. We’re excited to continue coaching this group toward groundbreaking innovations in crypto space!

Bree, Marketing Partner @ dappOS: A highlight of the recent HK Web3 Week was the discussion with other great protocols such as Starknet, Scroll, and Conflux, organized by Foresight X. We are delighted that Binance Labs has incubated dappOS to make dApps as user-friendly as Web2 apps, allowing the next billion Web3 users to onboard them quickly. We also empower projects and developers with our proprietary SDK solution.

Phoebe Peng, Co-builder @ Moledao: Foresight X held a rare and high-quality hacker event in Hong Kong. Web3’s future was seen as hopeful at the Hacker House. Moledao, established in Singapore in 2021 as a developer community, hopes to continue empowering the developer community and industry. It also hopes to bring more high-quality services to hackers.

0xAA, WTF Academy: Great hacker house. Hope for more in the future!

Foresight X OpenBuild Hacker House Roundtable

In the future, Foresight X will host global hacker house events themed with OpenBuild. During the first event in Hong Kong, developers demonstrated their outstanding technical skills and innovative abilities. In just 5 days, we witnessed many innovative projects and ideas that fully showcased Web3 technology’s vast potential.

Foresight X to Developers

It is you who play a crucial role in building Web3’s future as key drivers of its ecosystem. Your technical skills, innovative thinking, and passion will drive blockchain technology and decentralized applications evolution.

As an investment institution and accelerator, we support and inspire your creations and innovations. Foresight X offers you not only financial support but also resources, experience, and ecosystem synergies. We will help you realize your vision, from conception to launch, from product to market.

We encourage developers to constantly try, iterate, and be brave in the face of challenges and difficulties. Web3 is full of opportunities, complexity, and change. We look forward to seeing you continuously move forward in this innovative field, bringing new values and opportunities to the Web3 ecosystem.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you for your contributions once again. We are willing to cooperate with developers to promote the prosperity and sustainability of the Web3 ecosystem. It is also Foresight X’s intention to build a deeper relationship with you and to create a more meaningful future for Web 3.