Foresight X, in Partnership with Google Cloud, Announce the First Stop of the Offline Series Event “Buidl the New Web” in Hong Kong

Foresight X, in partnership with Google Cloud, is excited to announce the first stop of the offline series event “Buidl the New Web” in Hong Kong on June 23rd. Supported by esteemed organizations such asthe University of Hong Kong, Chainlink, Solana Foundation, and BNB Chain, this event aims to explore the theme of “AI Initiates the New Era of Web3”.

Joining the event are distinguished speakers from the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Hong Kong FinTech Industry Association, renowned venture capital firms in both the Web2 and Web3 fields, as well as experts in conversational AI, simulation computing, and numerical analysis. Together, they will share their valuable entrepreneurial experiences and delve into the possibilities of AI technology development and the future direction of Web3 infrastructure.

Web3 developers seeking transformation and individuals interested in these discussions are warmly invited to participate in this inspiring event.