Foresight X Launched a Serial Offline Event Called “Buidl the New Web Together” in Collaboration with Google Cloud, AWS, and More Web2 Powerhouses

Foresight X, in collaboration with Google Cloud, AWS, and other Internet companies, plans to launch offline communication activities this summer in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and the United States. A series of events will explore and share the possibilities of Web3 under the theme of “Buidl the New Web Together,” bridging Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies. Leading edge researchers, entrepreneurs who have successfully transformed Web3, builders of Web3, and investors who follow Web2 and Web3 will be invited to share and explore the possibilities of Web3. The sessions will also cover AI topics, providing inspiration and help to developers seeking to make the transition to Web3.

Foresight X is the global incubator for Web3 companies owned by Foresight Ventures ($400 million under management). Each selected project receives approximately US$200,000 in incubation funding and full-scale acceleration services from Foresight X, and Foresight ecological partners provide media coverage and business diversion services.

A second phase of the Foresight X incubation application has been launched.More information